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Hello! The ECOVIA men say I can talk into this fuzzy stick and you will understand me. They call it a mykro-fone?  These listening boxes help me understand what you say, and the men say they can understand me, too.  They say I can help them teach about how animals and men can be better friends.  It’s hard work but fun, too.   Whenever I have something interesting to say I’ll speak into the listening box for you to see.  And if you have any questions about me, or about the wilderness, or any of my animal friends please ask me!

(Editor Comment): Michonne Marmot ™ is the ‘spokes-animal’ for ECOVIA eco-adventure ®, empowering connections between human communities and the surrounding natural environment.  She volunteered to help us at ECOVIA in our research and work toward a better understanding of the wildlife and environment we all share.   Responsible outdoor recreation and stewardship results in a world where we can all thrive. ™

Posted September 28, 2010 by ECOVIA eco-adventure®

11 responses to “View From the Burrow

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  1. Thank you for creating an interactive educational format that incoporates the 3 learning arenas; visual, hearing and kinesthetic.

    Michonne is a very intellectual friend. When do the huggable Michonnes arrive? Ha! Michonne would be a good friend to hold onto as little ones fall asleep… there a book coming for younger children?

    • Thank you for the message! Those are really big words. I don’t understand most of them. Did you make them up??

      I think I’m huggable. But there’s only one of me so I don’t know how I could fall asleep with every one of the little ones who might want to hold me!

    • Thank you for the thoughtful comments! Michonne didn’t understand some of those words so she asked us to reply.

      We would love to have huggable Michonnes for everyone to hold, that is an excellent idea we hope to make available one day. In fact, one of the real prizes in the ECOVIA game was planned to be little Michonnes.

      We’ve been working on printed materials in preparation for our classroom and community outreach, but we hadn’t considered a complete book for younger ages…or even a series of books with Michonnes adventures. Interesting idea. Of course she would have to have the final input.

      Please come back and visit often!

  2. I learned a new word from Michonne: estivation. I wasn’t aware of animals napping during summer or warm times.

  3. Sure! I’m a marmot!! But I don’t think that’s what you wanted to know. Marmots live in rocky areas near forests and open fields. We are about the size of rabbits, but I’ve been told we are rodents and are not like rabbits at all but more like squirrels! In some areas we are called groundhogs, but I like the name marmot much better. We dig burrows, usually near rocks or fallen trees or something else that is strong and will protect our home. We eat flowers and grass and other plants that are tender and sweet, but sometimes we find things to chew on that maybe we shouldn’t. I still say that boot I found was already chewed on before I saw it.

  4. Would you explain exactly what a Marmot is please?

  5. Thank you! Sometimes we take naps when the sun is high in the sky and it’s warm and safe. And sometimes we nap when the coldtime is starting, when the days are warm but the nights are cold. But we take a lot of that time eating and getting ready for the coldtime. And we also nap after the coldtime, when the young plants are growing and the days are warm. But that’s usually when we’re busy looking for food, we’re really hungry after napping so much during the coldtime! That sounds like a lot of napping and eating. I can’t believe I fit playtime into that, too!

  6. I like Michonne’s explanation of how animals “nap.”

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