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ECOVIA eco-adventure® addresses the disconnection between today’s built world and the natural environment which surrounds us all. This loss of connection is recognized by medical and educational professionals as a significant developmental issue and contributor to personal and social crisis.

We provide environmental activities, entertainment, resources and research-based learning to urban, suburban, and rural communities that enable discovery and enjoyment of the outdoors while encouraging active conservation and stewardship of the environment. We are currently based on-line and are developing a highly-interactive online community including educational resources, activities, access to experts and featuring a multi-player role playing game which allows players to experience the life of a wild North American animal in its natural environment. Future goals include taking our environmental entertainment and educational programs to undeserved communities through mobile outreach; establishing a year-round environmental park within an urban area; and many other surprises yet to come.

Michonne Marmot™ would really like you to ask her any question you have (she’s funny that way). But if you don’t want to talk to a Marmot, we understand, just leave your comment or question here. We won’t tell Michonne, we promise.

Posted January 13, 2012 by ECOVIA eco-adventure®

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