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Every dad, the saying goes, has his day. And that day is today!

Humans, of all animals, generally spend many years with mom and dad, who are here to provide support and guidance – even when we are adults ourselves and dad’s not so much helping, as showing up at odd times to demonstrate how to re-wire an electrical outlet or trim a tree or barbeque a turkey, which are all useful skills but not necessarily useful at this moment. While our dad might know best, in the animal world most dads don’t stick around long to teach most anything – in many species fathers leave shortly after young are born, or in some cases even before. To be fair many wildlife moms loose interest in young a year or less after they are born, kicking them out of the house – nest, burrow, or meadow clearing – when the young are barely able to care for themselves (‘still in graduate school’ is no excuse).

He :  “Say, what's for dinner?”  She:  “It's a surprise....”

He: “Say, what’s for dinner?” She: “It’s a surprise….”

So in honor of dad here’s our best wishes for a day when you’re appreciated not necessarily for what you do, but for who you are. And dad, it’s a day to be glad you’re one of the human-type fathers, and not, say, a male spider who is often eaten, head first, by his partner for not taking out the trash or some other offense, real or imagined.

Michonne Says: I’ve got to say, marmot fathers don’t seem to do much. Sometimes they watch for danger and give a warning whistle but usually they just lay on rocks in the sun and they don’t dig burrows or gather soft grass for nests or even tell many stories. I don’t understand why they’re here at all.

Posted June 19, 2016 by ECOVIA eco-adventure® in SunSpecial

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