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I don’t understand how the gound-hoggies can tell the wind and the snow and the cold-time what to do. The men say (but I think they’re making it up), that when a ground-hoggie sees his shadow that means the cold-time will continue; but if there’s no shadow then flower-time will come early. I’ve never actually met a ground-hoggie, but whenever I see my shadow nothing changes. And if I look for my shadow underground I never see it at all and flower-time still comes.

I’m not even sure what a ground-hoggie is, I’ve never met one, but the men say they’re a lot like a marmot, almost the exact same they say, just living in different areas. Maybe someplace that’s closer to wind and snow and rain, I’d think. The men even brought a pretend hoggie I could look at, but I didn’t see the resemblance. Must be in the way you look at it.

Sometimes they are called ‘Ground-pig’ or ‘Whistler’ or ‘Wood digger’ or ‘Monax’ or ‘Thickwood badger’ (which makes no sense at all), and even ‘Woodsock’ or something like that, which must be very confusing because now they don’t have to worry just about their shadow and where it might be, but with all those names they won’t even know if someone is talking to them or someone else. I would answer to ‘Whistler’ because it’s very musical and pretty, too, but some of those other names start to sound insulting. I’d rather be called ‘hay you’. Particularly if I was being called to really eat, hay.

So if the hoggies see their shadows or not – or maybe just one ground-hoggie, I don’t know how many have to see their shadows for it to work – I”ll be happy whenever flower-time comes. If it takes a little longer I won’t mind, I’ll just be dozing in my nice warm burrow dreaming about flower-time. It’s not like I’m going to go hog wild.


“Doesn't look like anyone I've ever seen” - MM

“Doesn’t look like anyone I’ve ever seen”.

Posted January 31, 2016 by Michonne Marmot in View From the Burrow

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