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The men say this is the first week of Spring. I don’t know what a ‘spring’ is, but if it has anything to do with flower-time (and I think it does, somehow) then I say “Hoo-ray!!”. And it must have something to do with flower-time, because just overnight there are flowers here and there and everywhere. Not all the best flowers, yet – it takes more time for some of them to wake up – but any flower you can eat is a good flower (except those bitter tree-grass flowers that nobody likes to eat and even the busy-bees would rather go somewhere else. Phooey).

Maybe ‘spring’ means some of the animals are running and jumping and springing into the air for no real reason other than it’s something do to. Squirrels are really good at this and if you’re not careful they can jump right into you which scares the squirrel so I don’t know why they do it. Rabbits and deers and even fuzzy-whites spring all the time so I don’t think springing-time makes any difference to them. When they’re on the ground little singing birds spring all the time (I don’t even think they know how to walk), but I won’t stay around to see if a hawk or crow springs. Any bird that doesn’t sing you have to watch out for. Marmots run and jump but we don’t do any springing, we’re more ground-place animals. Bears would never spring, they’re too big. And I don’t think men do any springing, either, unless maybe when they’re young pups and have more energy and less sense.

So if you see any squirrels or marmots or rabbits or singing-birds or bears or even men during this springing time, say ‘Happy Spring’ to them. Just don’t interrupt them if they’re looking for fresh flowers to eat.

–  – –  Michonne

Posted March 22, 2015 by Michonne Marmot in View From the Burrow

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