SunSpecial: Red, White and Who?   Leave a comment

In honor of the Fourth of July weekend, we’re taking a break this week – but we do have a great photo of two American Icons and environmental mentors – Smokey (Prevent Forest Fires) Bear and Puddles (National Wildlife Refuge) Goose.

Everyone knows Smokey, the bear that was rescued as a baby from a devastating forest fire in New Mexico, and now reminds everyone to be very, very careful with fires when you’re out camping or hiking – and PLEASE don’t take fireworks into the forest!; but most of us don’t know Puddles, who tells us the National Wildlife Refuge system is for all birds and animals, including, apparently, Blue Geese. Smokey and Puddles USFWS

So here are Smokey and Puddles, out for a drive. Usually you wouldn’t see the two of them together as Smokey is generally more of a role model and Puddles just enjoys getting out and traveling most anywhere. The whole migrating factor, you see. Smokey has his fire gear at the ready, always alert for the slightest spark, while Puddles is behind the wheel; we’re not certain that Puddles actually has a driving license or that it’s even a good idea to let a bird drive any vehicle. They’re passing by some backdrops of large fire, for no particular reason as it’s doubtful Puddles is a certified firefighter.

In fact there are many confusing elements in this photo, and all we can confirm is that for the Fourth of July, here’s a red truck with a white and blue goose. Which reminds us that the Freedoms upheld by our Founding Fathers – who believed all are created equal – is not the freedom to do anything; but freedom to make the best choices that benefit all. Even if that means allowing a goose to drive around a fire-fighting bear.

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