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Tomorrow, March 17, is St Patrick’s Day and for many people that brings thoughts of shamrocks and pots of gold and maybe eating and drinking too much; and most of all, thoughts of Ireland, the Emerald Isle. In fact, the green we all associate with St Paddy’s day is probably associated with the richness of Ireland’s’ verdant hills, grass-carpeted valleys and kelly-green fields. But while the true golden treasure of Ireland might be in it’s green landscape, it’s not just in the Land of Erin where each of us, no matter where we live, can find riches within our local native environment, and maybe right outside our own front door.

While Earth is known as the big BLUE planet (over 70% is covered with water), it’s probably the abundance and variety of plant life that sets our planet apart from any other known world. From dense tropical forests to grassy meadows to tiny algae and trees that have stood alone for hundreds of years, in virtually every natural environment there is some type of plant life. Moss grows far into the Arctic Circle; lichen can be found on rocks at the highest elevations; the deserts we might think of as lifeless, take on a green hue following rain. Every animal depends on plant life – even the predators eat animals that, themselves, ate plants; and without plants we wouldn’t have oxygen to breathe. Which is a nice thing to have, if you like to breathe.

So this St Patrick’s day, while you’re wearing green and eating green-tinted food and drink and maybe turning a little green from eating and drinking a bit too much, remember that all that green (well, maybe not the color of your complexion) is a reminder of the green plants we all rely on; and by caring for our local habitat, making choices and taking actions that help keep the environment healthy, we can make not just March 17 but every day, an opportunity to share the green.

Turtles don't usually celebrate St Patricks Day.  But this year, Tuttle decided to try dressing in green to join in the festivities.   Although he draws the line at kissing someone just because they say they're Irish.

Turtles don’t usually celebrate St Patrick’s Day. But this year, Tuttle decided to try dressing in green to join in the festivities. Although he draws the line at kissing someone just because they say they’re Irish.



Michonne Says: Plants are the best. But sometimes they aren’t just green but maybe red or pink or blue or yellow. And most of them taste good. I’ve never turned green from eating a plant. But some lizards are green and I’ve seen them eat plants so I can see how turning green could happen.

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