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Gray Wolf face WIKIWe all know Journey the Wolf (or ‘OR-7, as he’s known to those who like code names), is a wild Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) from Oregon that for the past two years has been traveling around the Cascade and Sierra regions of Oregon, Nevada, and California. He’s been spending most of his time in California (we still say he’s trying to break into the movies) and in fact he’s the first wolf officially documented in California in almost 90 years.

But many people in that state say they don’t want wolves around – either just one, or any that will follow. They say wolves attack livestock, or pets, or even people and are pushing for a ‘no-wolf’ policy that will force officials to capture or shoot any wolf on sight.

Years of research has shown wolves would rather stay away from people and prefer hunting their natural food – deer; elk; and other prey animals – than searching for cattle or sheep. Yes, livestock are killed and wolves are usually the fist one blamed – but more often it’s a pack of wild dogs, a mountain lion, or even sick and desperate predators that attack livestock. But for thousands of years humans have decided any un-seen predator just has to be a wolf, and now Journey, and any other wolves that come into California, might have to pay the price for these poor decisions.

Unless we step up and say we want Journey and all wolves protected. If you live in California, or have friends or family in that state, here’s you chance to speak for the wolf. Before May 6, go to and support protection for wolves, who are an important part of a healthy ecosystem and provide much more good, than harm. Remember, this is only for people who live in California; but together, we can all make a difference.

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