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The men say this is another of those ‘groundhog days’. I don’t know why just one day should be named after a Groundhog, when groundhogs and other animals are eating and sleeping and digging and doing everything we do, every day. And I don’t know why the men keep saying ‘groundhog’, when that isn’t really a very nice name to call someone, and besides everyone knows groundhogs are really the same as marmots. I once even heard some of the men saying groundhogs are also named ‘woodchuck’. I think that’s what I heard, but that can’t be right. Either the men don’t know what they’re talking about (how can the same animal have so many different names? Don’t they get confused?), or the men were talking about one groundhog, that was named ‘Chuck’. Or ‘Woody Chuck’. That makes more sense than a type of marmot, being called a groundhog, who might also be a woodchuck. All types of marmots just live in different places and I think groundhogs are little smaller than all of us marmots who live in the tall rocks where I live.

I’ve never known any ‘groundhogs’, and I’m not sure what the story is with ‘woody-chuck’, but I do know a lot of marmots. And none of them are any types of hogs. One particularly sunny day, just after the cold time and everyone came up out of their burrows, my friend Picta found a patch of fresh wildflowers and she ate almost all of them, but I wouldn’t call her a hog. I do wish she would have shared, though, because fresh flowers are my favorite types of flowers.

Because this is ‘Groundhog Day’ MARMOT day, be sure to be extra nice to any marmots you see today. I don’t know why else the men would call it a special day, so it must be a day to be extra nice to marmots and groundhogs and woody-chuck and all types of squirrels. If you don’t know any marmots where you live, you can be extra-nice to any squirrels (who are all in the marmot family, although sometimes squirrels can be kind of strange), or you can just say “Hi” to me through the talking box. I’d really like it if you sent me a treat, but the men say things can’t travel through the talking box, only words.

Posted February 2, 2013 by Michonne Marmot in View From the Burrow

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