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All species in an environment have a purpose and make a difference. Even though we might not know or understand what a plant or animal does, or why it’s in a certain place living in a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s not necessary; everything is an important link to other species and the environment as a whole. So that’s why we need to know all we can about all plants and animals, because no matter how small or common or un-inspiring they might seem to us, they wouldn’t be there it they weren’t needed. Plus, everyone needs at least a few Friends on Facebook.

So here we have the Oregon Spotted Frog (Rana pretiosa), a normal-type, medium-sized, average frog that lives in small communities in the Pacific Northwest – Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and very isolated areas of Northern California. The frogs’ only claim to fame is as they get older, they change colors from olive green to brownish-red. So for hundreds, or thousands or years, no one’s thought much about them – “Just another frog”, you know.

Thank you USFS

“Everybody’s special. I was voted the ‘Most likely to hypnotize’ award.”

In fact so few people have given much consideration to this frog – and to other average-type frogs and amphibians and reptiles and birds and plants and insects and… on and so on, that now many of these species have far fewer individuals, and are in danger of their populations becoming so low there might not be enough in each species to do the work they are in the environment to do. It’s estimated the Oregon Spotted Frog has lost 90% of the natural world it used to call home. What’s worse, these species might become extinct and go away forever.

But it’s not too late! Scientists, researchers, and concerned groups and individuals are doing all they can to protect threatened and endangered species. The plants, animals, and environment can all be protected through the concern and efforts of everyone who wants to live in a world that we all can share. Because if the Oregon Spotted Frog, or other species become so rare, or even extinct, that our entire environment suffers, then we’ll be the ones turning red with humiliation.


Michonne Says:   I like to think everyone can be special in their own way. Particularly marmots.

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