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Not exactly ‘new’, but ‘Pneu’, as in Pneumonia. ‘Cause that’s what we’ve been experiencing around here, and as is so often said, it’s been a real learning experience. The docs say we have to rest and take meds for up to six weeks, so most everything else has been put on s-l-o-w for a bit. But we’ll be back ASAP.

Michonne wanted to post something but she thinks she might get sick, too, if she’s anywhere near people, so she’s staying close to her burrow. Which is generally a pretty good idea for anyone who doesn’t want to get sick. It’s too hot for marmots to be out, anyway.

Marmot in burrow WIKI

“Pinecones are full of anti-sick stuff like nuts and chewy-things and piney-parts.”

Posted September 12, 2012 by ECOVIA eco-adventure® in ECOVIA Central

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