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The Fourth of July is known for American flags and red-white-and-blue decorations; BBQ   with all the extras; and enjoying some outside time on a hot summer day. Unless all of us are careful, this year the Fourth could also be known for random forest fires, and that’s a event no one wants to celebrate.

Prevent firesDue to high temperatures, not enough rainfall, and insects that are literally sucking trees of their moisture, this year much of the fields, forests, and outdoor recreation spots in the West are dry, VERY dry – in some areas estimated 50 percent drier than usual for this time of year. Plus there’s an abundance of (dry) grasses and (dry) trees and (dry) undergrowth that will burn with the slightest exposure to flame. Even areas that had been considered fire-resistant are now covered with invasive plants that could spread fire.

All of this is a disaster waiting to happen, and already there have been severe and unexpected fires in Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, California, South Dakota, and the list goes on. At this time of year, so many fires in so many places and spreading so quickly is rare, pushing fire-fighters to their limits and placing people and animals in danger.

So have fun this Fourth, but remember fireworks are illegal – and unnecessarily dangerous – on public lands including forests, parks and even open spaces managed for public use. Plus, many cities, counties and states have outlawed fireworks that aren’t supervised by professionals. And forest fires can also be started by campfires, sparks or hot fuel from an engine, smoking, dumping hot ashes from your grill, or any other activity that results in sparks or flames.

It’s not only YOU that can prevent forest fires – it’s everybody.

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  1. I like the retro forest fire prevention poster. Nice.

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