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This Friday, June 8, is World Ocean Day, a Celebration of our Worlds’ Oceans and all the life that depends on what the oceans provide – which is just about everyone, because without the oceans, there might not be any life at all on Earth! This years theme is: Youth: The Next Wave of Change which shows the future of our oceans – and our Earth – depends on the actions we take today, and how we care for the Oceans in the future. (We preferred the theme Harry C. Otter and the Hogfish School, but that idea was thrown out due to copyright concerns).

Check out where there are activities, a schedule of events, information, links, ideas about actions you can take to care for the ocean and ocean creatures – even if you don’t live near an ocean – and more about the oceans and species that live in and around these incredibly important environments that cover almost 75 percent of the Earths surface and contain 97 percent of the Earths water!

World Ocean Day also posts to Twitter :!/celebrateoceans (@theoceanproject) and has a Facebook page: (@The Ocean Project).  With unknown billions of animals living in the seas, we wonder how the Oceans’ ever get time to update its’ status.

Sea Otters NPS

“The Hogfish series has been CANCELLED?!? And we spent all that time practicing Squiddich!”

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