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Are you In the Know’?  There’s an organization called ‘Get to Know‘ that’s encouraging everyone to enjoy our natural environments through art, writing, photography, video, music and performance! (Yes, ‘Get to Know’ is something of an odd name. The full name is ‘Get to Know your Wild Neighbors’ which makes more sense). Anyway, they’re hosting a ton of contests over the summer with lots of great prizes, from posting your entries on their online galleries, to travel to exciting and fun locations! The website is; a direct (but usually slow loading!) list of the current contests is

This is a great chance for you to experience parts of our natural world you might not usually notice, while making a sketch of the forest, or taking photos of a flower-filled-field, or video of birds flying or fish swimming. Maybe the environment will inspire you to write about what you see, hear, smell and feel about our natural world. Or you could write some music that inspires others to enjoy and appreciate our place in the environment. We wouldn’t suggest trying to form a band with any woodland animals, though. No matter how careful you are selecting members, there’s always somebody who chews on the drum sticks.


“And when I was applying for film school, everyone said I’d never make it big!!”

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