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Remember the hard-working sheep that are helping keep the meadows and lawns at Fort Ord, in California, trimmed and tidy? The same sheep who will star in Sheep-ebration 2012! (WE LOVE YOU SALINAS! WOO-OOO!!!). Well, those sheep have had a job change – they aren’t working at Fort Ord public lands anymore, now they are at Fort Ord National Monument. The sheep haven’t moved; on April 20, 2012 Fort Ord was named a National Monument, a huge step that recognizes, confirms, and protects these lands and the native species that live there as a unique and important environment that will be set aside forever.

Since 1906, a special law has granted the President of the United States authority to designate national monuments for “objects of historic or scientific interest.” Fort Ord was important in the early Spanish colonization of the California Central Coast, and has been a US military training area from World War One through 1996. (Strangely, many of the areas we now enjoy as natural environments were originally ‘preserved’ for military use. The land wasn’t developed only because the military had first dibs!, but then only used the land as extra space). The Monument holds some of the last undeveloped natural wildlands on the Monterrey Peninsula, and includes over 15,000 acres of coastal oak woodlands, marine chaparral, scenic grasslands and seasonal pools, all home to 35 rare animal and plant species. There are 86 miles of unique hiking, biking and horseback riding trails to allow visitors to explore and enjoy the area, but also protect the native species and their homes.

We don’t have any updates yet on this summers’ Sheep-ebration, but we suspect everyone at Fort Ord is pretty busy right now. Two sheep have already been harmed by loose dogs in the area, so everyone is on constant dog-watching-patrol, and if you visit this newest National Monument please keep your dogs on a leash. Also, measuring all those busy sheep for tiny little special-order-only Park Ranger hats will probably take quite lot of time.

Fort Ord danger cropped BLM CA

After almost 100 years of use by the Army, there’s still some, uh, CLEAN UP to be done…

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