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The famous writer Edgar Allen Poe once wrote about a bird he knew. This was a rather obnoxious raven who continually made comments about stuff that was none of his business; he’d say things like ‘nevermore, nevermore’ and it wasn’t even clear what he was talking about. Who says ‘nevermore’ ?

But birds will be birds, you know. And now in some areas – particularly deserts in the West and Southwest – there are many, many more Ravens (Corvus corax) hanging around. Scientists estimate that in the past 35 years, there are about 1,000 percent more ravens than in the past. That’s a lot of ravens. If they all share their opinions on whatever they feel like talking about, that’s a lot of noise, and a lot of un-necessary confusion, and a lot of raven poop. You know it’s true.

More seriously, these ravens have to eat (remember the poop), and that’s causing problems for other animals. When there’s more of one type of animal in an area than is usually there, it causes the entire system to be out of balance. So the food and water and living areas that were enough for everyone, are now taken by just one species – type of plant or animal – and there’s not enough for everyone. Ravens, in particular, will eat most anything they can find so animals that eat plants, and insects, and other animals, and even dead animals might not find the food they need. The ravens are opportunists who could get more than their share.

No one knows why there are so many ravens. It might be a strange event that will sort itself out, or maybe the ravens just like the warm desert and have decided to move there (like your grandparents). But the main reason seems to be that Ravens like places where people are. Because people often leave behind food scraps (dinner for a raven), and people move things around (new places to look for food for a raven), and trash (everything a raven could hope for!). So when you’re outside, don’t leave anything behind a Raven could find interesting. Even if he says to you “more, more, more”.

Raven croak WIKI Franco Atirador

“Once upon a Midnight, so dark and disturb, I came upon abandoned fries, laying oft' the curb!”

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