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Journey the Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) is back in California! Our guess is he’s there for Spring Break. Lot’s of things to do in California over Spring Break. As of early April, Journey’s returned to the same Northern California area he visited last winter. Because of the GPS radio collar he’s wearing, scientists can track his adventures and in over 1,000 miles of travel, not once has Journey been any danger to humans or livestock. In fact Journey is being so evasive, scientists wouldn’t even know where he is if not for his collar.

Gray Wolf BLM  Montana

Journey avoids the paparazzi, so we've found this convincing stand-in

Journey is about 3 years old, and that’s the time young male wolves leave their family and start looking for a home of their own. Scientists are amazed that Journey has returned to the same area he visited a few months ago. Of course we know wolves, and all wildlife, don’t know they’re crossing from one state to another so it’s no surprise that Journey is back exploring an area he’s familiar with. He must think it has good ‘home’ possibilities. And although California is cool, we hope Journey remembers the taxes are much lower in Oregon.

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