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Today a team of scientists and researchers, working for many years, announced that there are no more truly wild plants or animals remaining in the United States or other parts of North America. Scientists working in other parts of the world have found similar patterns and it is only a matter of some additional research before they will also be forced to determine there are no more wild plants or animals or any natural environments left on earth.

Human populations”, quoting Canadian environmental scientist Dr. April D’Primme, “have changed every environment throughout the world. Particularly within the past two centuries, everything that was once wild – animals and plants alike – have each been modified, transformed, and forced to comply with man-made urban environments and the Human way of life resulting in that there is now no natural organism, as far as we can find, that has retained its natural state.” When referring to the environments of vast forests, deep oceans or even the Polar regions, Dr. D’Primme goes on to say “this isn’t true only in the areas of dense human habitation, but also affects distant and relatively un-explored regions. Due to human-driven variations in Earths’ atmosphere, chemical and biological processes, we have to conclude that the ever-growing human population and consumptive lifestyle has resulted in all formally natural organisms to now exist only on the fringes of human populations and can never again regain the balanced state maintained for millions of years.”

So, we must sadly say ‘good-bye’ to the natural forests and lakes and fields and all the natural plants and wildlife that have lived there for generations. Of course, there will still be trees and grass; and birds and bears and squirrels; and other animals. But they aren’t wild any more – they’re just living in the shadow of man, at the edges of the parking lots and housing developments and strip-malls and bulldozed vacant lots people need to make their lives easier. A natural forest cut down and replaced with some decorative and easy to maintain shrubs? Well, they’re all plants, aren’t they? And is there really that much difference between  a desperate coyote dodging traffic to eat food scraps from a trash can, or those same scraps ending up in the dump?

Urban penguin CapeTown WIKI

Life in the Sewer.



… But of course, we all know this is an April Fools joke, and could never come true. No Fooling?

Learn more about the challenges plants and wildlife face living in Urban Environments:

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