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 Sheep Fort Ord  BLM CA

“What are you looking at?” “Ewe” “No, YOU” “Me?” “No, Ewe”

At the Fort Ord Public Lands in Northern California, hundreds of domestic sheep (Ovis aries) are working hard to control invasive plants, enable a healthy natural environment, and prevent wildfires! All this at very little cost! Who are these heroes, willing to give so much and ask for nothing in return? Well these are not super-sheep, just hungry sheep who have been set to ‘work’ grazing as an efficient and effective way to maintain Public Lands without resorting to grass mowers or chemicals or large groups of human workers or other methods that would disturb this natural environment. In cooperation with local ranchers, the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has placed over 600 female sheep – Ewes (pronounced ‘yous’) and their lambs – young sheep – into the area to let the sheep do what sheep do best:  Eat (and, probably fertilize too. But that’s another story).

So far the sheep are doing a great job and have become quite the attraction, with people traveling to see the snacking sheep. The only concern are local pet dogs who could chase and harm the sheep, so it’s being asked that if you go to visit these extreme grazers, you leave your pets at home or securely leashed. The sheep will be on duty only four more months, so see them now or regret it later!  In fact, a special Sheep-ebration is being planned for sheep fans. We’ll post the information here as soon as we know. After their Fort Ord appearance, the sheep are considering taking their Heavy Meadow crew on tour. Maybe to Japan. We hear they’re really popular in Japan.

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