From the Burrow: I don’t know the MEANING of the word ‘Ordinary’!   1 comment

The men say this is ‘National Wildlife Week’ – a time to learn more about wildlife and get outside and see wildlife and understand how people and wildlife can live together. I’m all for that, and I think all people should learn to appreciate wildlife and plants and the environment (just don’t appreciate the plants so much there’s not enough flowers left for me to eat). But then I hear of all the forty-five animals that are featured as ‘Extra-Ordinary’ wildlife, not once is the Marmot mentioned! What’s with that?? Are we not the definition of extra-ordinary? I’d even say Marmots are ordinary to the EXTREME!!

To be ‘Extra-Ordinary’, the men say you have to have Innovative Defenses. I’m not sure what that means, but Marmots can whistle and dig and run very fast when we go Inn-side our burrows. That should count. Or maybe you need to be an animal that can Survive in Unusual Habitats. I know Marmots who live where there’s nothing but rocks and not very much water and sometimes even around people, where there are no other wildlife, and the people don’t even know we’re there. That sounds unusual to me. Then the men say to be ‘extra-ordinary’ you have to have Special Adaptations. How about the living where there’s not much water and, when it’s very hot or very cold, being able to sleep for long times? That sounds special to me. Another ‘extra-ordinary’ skill is being a type of Record Breaking wildlife. I don’t know about ever breaking anything, but I’ve got strong teeth and sharp claws and if I ever saw a record (whatever that is), I’m certain I could break it. Then, the last thing an ‘extra-ordinary’ animal should have is Super Senses. All marmots can hear and smell and see and even taste things better than lots of other animals. Except maybe the rabbit. Did you ever see those ears??

So Marmots should be on the list of ‘Extra-Ordinary’ animals for National Wildlife Week. Check it out for yourself and see what makes these other animals any more special than the EXTREMELY-ordinary Marmot!


One response to “From the Burrow: I don’t know the MEANING of the word ‘Ordinary’!

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  1. Thanks, Michonne, for explaining how exceptional marmots are.

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