Anyone Loose a Falcon?   1 comment

Oh, happens all the time. If we only had a dollar for every time someone has asked us that! As if. But last week, someone in Northern California found a falcon – and not the regular hunts-in-the-fields type falcon, but a Gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus), a special type of falcon, originally from the Arctic area, usually owned and trained by bird-hobbyists and are very rare – and very, VERY valuable. In fact, some people refer to the Gyrfalcon as the ‘Bird of Kings’.

Gryfalcon WIKI

Does this face look familiar? Maybe you've lost a Gyrfalcon!

The man who found the bird just saw a falcon sitting outside on his roof, and to him, this didn’t look like the kind of falcon he usually saw, so he decided to see if the bird would come to him. He grabbed his leather barbeque glove, held his arm out, and the falcon jumped onto his hand. Definitely not the behavior of a wild falcon. Later, the bird walked into the house through an open door. Well, just make yourself at home, Ms Falcon! (Editor note – this is NOT recommended!! Never try to pick up or handle any wild animal – or something that could be a wild animal – unless you’re trained and have the proper equipment!)

Strangely, no one has yet claimed the falcon. You’d think anyone would notice that they’re missing a falcon. Particularly one that’s rare and valuable. For now Ms Falcon (yes, she’s a she) is staying with a local wildlife expert, but it’s a mystery where the bird came from, or why no one appears to be looking for her. All that is known is she seems happy, living in a safe home and eating all the fresh meat she can get. Truly living the life of a King Queen.

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  1. She is very pretty. I’m glad she is being looked after.

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