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Here’s the latest news on ‘OR-7’ the Gray Wolf (Canis lupus); or as we know him, ‘Journey’.  And journeyed he has, traveling from his home in Oregon, into Northern California (the first Gray Wolf in California in almost 100 years!), into the mountains and just to the edge of the Nevada desert, then back into California, and now, he’s returned to Oregon.  Maybe he missed the fresh berries and Tilliamook cheese.  Based upon tracking the GPS radio collar Journey has been wearing, and a few photos, we know Journey has traveled more than 1000 miles in about two months.  He was probably looking for other wolves, or places to find food, and other things wolves need in their environment.  Or maybe he was on a journey of self-exploration.  It happens.

But this doesn’t mean Journeys journey is over! Scientists think that now he’s familiar with the area, there’s a good chance he will go back and live within the same areas he’s visited.  Grey Wolves usually live and travel within hundreds, or thousands of miles (depending on the specific environment and living conditions), so don’t be surprised if Journey returns to some of the areas he now recognizes.  Actually, Journeys’ mother was originally from Idaho, and is the first female Wolf recorded as moving from Idaho into Oregon, where Journey was born two years ago.  So traveling into new areas is ‘in the family’ for Journey, the roaming wolf!

Oregon Landscape BLM

Lots of Journey

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  1. Journey’s journey is very interesting. Wonder what he’ll do next.

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