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Kangaroo Rat USFWS

Good day 'mate! (I'm not really that kind of Kangaroo. But fooled you, didn't I?)

The little San Bernadino Kangaroo Rat (Dipodomys merriami parvus) is a, well, type of rat (a subspecies of Kangaroo Rat) that lives in the desert regions of Southern California, where it shares its living environment with other types of Kangaroo Rats and small mammals, lizards, birds, insects and the occasional Hollywood film crew. However this kangaroo rat is endangered – there aren’t many left – so it’s important they, and the areas they live, are protected from damage or destruction. Thankfully, a judge has just determined that over 33,000 acres of habitat – the land and environment that’s best suited for these animals – will be set aside for the plants and wildlife. Earlier, it was proposed less than 8,000 acres be saved but after research and careful study, it was understood the Kangaroo Rats and their companions need much more room. Once you get hopping, you need all the space you can get.

Posted February 24, 2012 by ECOVIA eco-adventure® in ECOVIA Central

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  1. How adorable. Glad habitat has been saved for them.

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