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Remember ‘OR-7’ the Gray Wolf? (Canis lupus)    Although he’d rather be called ‘Journey’.   Will make a better reality-series title.    He’s still on the move, traveling throughout Northern California and within fifteen miles of the Nevada border. He was heading toward the the Black Rock desert where Burning Man, the arts and cultural festival, is celebrated every year. At the last moment, Journey turned back toward the West, which is good because he’s about six months too early for Burning Man. Nothing wrong in arriving early to get a good space, but it’s a long time between now and summer. Maybe this will give him time to come up with a really cool tent. 

THE Black Rock, of the 'Black Rock' desert. Not a wolf in sight (nor much else, either)

So far, Journeys’ still the only Grey Wolf that’s been seen in the area. If he can find a friend, and a safe place for a home, they might decide they like the area and live there year-round. But if he gets lonely, he might go back to Oregon, where he was born and he knows there are other wolves. Years ago the entire region used to be home to many Grey Wolves, but over time, none were left. Journey might be the first to come back, and when wildlife return to their native habitats – living areas – that could show we all are taking better care of the environment. We’ll keep a watch on any news of Journey and tell you about it here!

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