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The men say today is ‘Groundhog Day’, and they think I should be happy about that, because, they tell me, Groundhogs are my distant cousins. I don’t know anything about that, but I do know if they are anything like me, I wouldn’t want to be called a hog, unless I really was a hog-ish animal like a pig. Now, those are some hogs!

And today the ‘groundhog’ – particularly one named Phil, who lives in the far Northeast where it stays cold much longer than it is here where I live – has to tell the men how much longer it will be cold. That all sounds reasonable (we marmots are very good at forecasting the weather!), until you hear more of the details: First some man comes and takes Phil out of his warm bed and holds him up for lots of other men to look at him and flash bright lights in his face. Then they ask if he sees his shadow or not. With all those bright lights, how can he see anything?? And what does a shadow have to do with knowing if it will be cold? Then, they call him a ‘hog’ which is insulting to anyone who’s not in the pig-family. Then, the men say there will be more months of the cold-time, OR a very early flower-time, and this has something to do with poor little Phil, who probably doesn’t even understand what’s happening because until a few moments ago he was asleep and warm and didn’t have a care. And if they do this to Phil, I’m certain there are other groundhogs – and gophers and marmots and probably even prairie dogs and who knows what else – out there who are also harassed. But no one’s ever asked the animals what they think about all that. The whole thing smells like the back end of an angry skunk, in my opinion.

– Michonne

Editor comment: Please excuse Michonnes’ bad attitude. We had to wake her up from a nice nap for this interview. Who could have guessed she’d be so grumpy?

Posted February 2, 2012 by Michonne Marmot in View From the Burrow

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