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Remember a few days ago we told you about an animal who lives in California, even though his name made it seem like he lived somewhere else? (that confusing fellow is the Colorado Desert fringe-toad lizard (Uma notata). Now it appears another animal has moved into California (maybe for the extreme surfing). A Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) named ‘OR-7’ (yeah, he’s not happy about that name either) has been recently recorded moving from Oregon into northern California. In September it was noticed this young wolf – about 2 ½ years old – had left his family group and set out on his own. When the wolf was just a pup scientists had placed a collar on him that would record where he went and how he lived; and surprising to all, he decided to go to California (possibly to break into acting or music). What’s even more significant, he’s the first wild Gray Wolf to be found in California in almost 100 years!

The Grey Wolf used to roam over most of California; and actually over most of the US. But when people started building larger cities and driving more cars and cutting down more trees and generally moving into the places wild animals had lived, the animals went to wherever they could find homes and food and fewer humans to disturb them. But in the past years, scientists and conservationists and others who believe if we plan wisely and not waste what resources we have there will be enough room on the earth for people AND animals, have been working to create environments that will encourage some of these wild animals to return to where they had lived before. And it looks like ‘OR-7’ (who is sometimes called ‘Journey’ the wolf) is one of the first animals to try and move back home!  

Gray Wolf USFWS

Go West, young wolf. Or maybe more south-westerly.

It’s very uncertain how this will all work out. ‘Journey’ might not like California and return to Oregon. Or other wolves might join him. Or he might get in trouble and force officials to capture him. And some people believe all wolves are problems-waiting-to-happen and they don’t want him anywhere around. (In fact, most wolves generally mind their own business and are only problems if they are forced into a situation they find frightening or desperate). Whatever happens, this shows that you and I can make a difference by helping to make a better world for us all. And when we hear news of ‘OR-7’ (who might want to choose a different name now that he’s in California. He wouldn’t be the first), we’ll tell you about it here!

Join the Pack! and learn more about the Gray Wolf:

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