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There used to be many more plants and animals then there are now. Not just individual animals; but entire species, or types of animals, that are now extinct – gone forever. Sometimes and very rarely extinctions happen naturally, but usually it’s because there’s a sudden and dramatic change in the weather, or the land, or food, or other shift from normal and the animals and plants can’t adjust to the new conditions. Sadly, humans have been responsible for many extinctions and today there are many species that we are in danger of loosing.

One place species are safe are zoos, aquariums, and parks that have been set aside for the wildlife. But these places can only hold a few individual animals, and not the entire species. A photographer and researcher, Joel Sartore, is working with the National Geographic Society to find and photograph all the animals he can to help us understand the differences and similarities of the different species before any more are gone, and protect the few individuals of some species that are almost extinct. What’s most exciting, is he’s using a special photo technique that places the animals in a simple black and white background, so there’s nothing in the scene to make us think one animal is better or more important than another; a beetle is as interesting as a tiger. He’s posting his journey here, including photos and videos: You should check it out!

Oh, and that little guy at the beginning and end of the video is a Brazilian Three-Banded Armadillo (Tolypeutes tricinctus). That’s one of only two types of Armadillo that can completely close itself into a little armored ball for protection. The Armadillos in the United States – usually found in Texas – can’t do that. Their cowboy hat and boots get in the way.

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