Michonnes’ View From the Burrow   1 comment

The ECOVIA men say I should think of a ‘catchy’ name for my talking page here. I don’t know what ‘catchy’ means; the only things catching I know are by wolf-dogs and lion-cats and I want nothing to do with them. But then the men said ‘catchy’ means memorable. Why didn’t they say that in the first place.

Now that it’s winter and I’m spending a lot of time sleeping in my burrow, I think View From the Burrow is a nice name. Although when we’re underground we marmots really don’t have much of a view; it’s more about smell and feel and memory to travel through the tunnels from place to place and find our sleeping-rooms and food and friends. So if we use memory to move around, and the men want the talking page to be memorable, that all sounds good to me!

Posted December 13, 2011 by Michonne Marmot in View From the Burrow

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  1. View from the Burrow seems like a very appropriate name for the talking page.

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