Michonne thinks about Groundhog Day. What about Marmot Day??   2 comments

Today is ‘Groundhog Day’?   And I’ve heard that groundhogs are almost the same type of animal as Marmots?  Well I don’t like that at all.  First of all, who would want to be called a ‘ground-hog’?   I mean even something like ‘ground-pig’ or ‘soil-swine’, or even ‘grounder.  But ground-hog?  If I were them I would complain.

And, if there’s a Groundhog day, where’s Marmot Day?   Today the groundhogs are supposed to come out of their houses and look if they can see their shadow.  If they can, the men thinks it means that the cold time will continue for a little longer.   And if the ‘grounders don’t see their shadow it means the cold time is almost over and the plants are coming back.   I can tell you that my shadow has never told me anything.   Let it do its own thing, I won’t interfere with whatever it’s doing and likewise it leaves me alone, too.

For Marmot Day (coming soon, just wait!!), we marmots have to think of something that the men will think is cute and interesting enough so we get some attention, just like the ‘grounders.  Maybe we can stand and whistle.  If the whistling is out of tune, that means it will snow.  If the whistling is in tune, that means we are rehearsing for a concert.

Posted February 2, 2011 by Michonne Marmot in View From the Burrow

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2 responses to “Michonne thinks about Groundhog Day. What about Marmot Day??

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  1. If there was a Marmot Day we wouldn’t waste it by looking at shadows. We’d prefer something more like a flower festival.

  2. Michonne has a point. There should be a Marmot Day!

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