SciSun: Looking Forward

At the beginning of a New Year, it’s good to think about the year ahead and focus on goals we want to reach, challenges to overcome, and look at changes we might want to make or ways to help others. Even though it might seem like a lot of science is set in stone and everything has already been solved with formulas or experiments, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered and problems that need to be explored. We’ll discuss some of these subjects later, but for now just remember that no matter how big or far away a problem seems, you can make a difference everyday.

Ice is melting at the North and South Poles, so there are fewer places for polar bears and penguins to live. Some scientists think people are using too much energy and that’s raising the temperature of the earth. So when you can, and you know it’s safe, go out and take a walk rather than riding in a car.

People are using so many things, the world is running out of materials to make more things! But you can recycle paper, metal, glass, plastic and a lot of other things. Or even make new things out of old things. And when you do buy something new, look for something that will last a long time, and can be recycled when you don’t need it any more.

Everyday, go outside and just look around at nature. Learn all you can. In just a few minutes outside, you can see things you’d never see in a book or show or video. Just in your backyard or local park or schoolyard there are probably flowers and trees, and beetles and bees, and squirrels and leaves. In fact there’s a whole world just a few steps away. You don’t have to be a scientist in a far away place to be in the environment. It’s all around us.

Some people make New Years Resolutions. Those are promises to yourself to do (or not do) something, like to drink less soda, or eat more vegetables, or do all your homework, or something else you normally wouldn’t do unless someone reminded you to do. For 2011, let’s resolve to think of nature and the plants and animals more, and to enjoy the wonders that surround us in the natural world. Promise?

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