Michonne has her portrait sketched   Leave a comment

I will say from the beginning I don’t understand most of what happened.  But maybe you can try to understand when I tell you the story.

One day some of the ECOVIA men came by and said they wanted to take my portrait.   Now I don’t know what a portrait is, or why they would want it, or why I would even have one.  I was a little scared that maybe a portrait was something I needed and they wanted to take it from me!  But then the really odd things happened.  No one took anything.   The men just stood and looked at me, and one of them had a small stick and large white man-thing that I’ve seen men carrying before, and they just looked at me as I did what I usually do.   They said things like ‘Michonne look over here’ and ‘Michonne  stand up’ and ‘Michonne don’t move’ and a lot of silly things that didn’t make sense.   Couldn’t they make up their minds?   I’m ashamed to say that after I saw it wasn’t scary, I kind of ignored them and went about my business.  I don’t think they knew what they were doing.

And then the man with the white-thing and the stick held it up and said ‘Look Michonne, it’s you!’.  Well this made no sense at all.  How can that be me??   But on the white-thing was something that looked like a marmot!  But it wasn’t a marmot.  It didn’t smell like a marmot or move like a marmot or whistle like a marmot.   But the men were very proud and happy with it.  And I’m still confused.   If that’s a portrait, I don’t think I’m going to miss it much.   What do you think?

Michonne Marmot

I think it needs something...like me eating a treat

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Posted November 17, 2010 by Michonne Marmot in View From the Burrow

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