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Squirrels are crazy about nuts. Actually, squirrels are crazy about a lot of things but at this time of year, they can’t seem to get enough nuts. They search for nuts, they carry nuts up trees and drop them into holes, they bury nuts in the ground then other squirrels come and dig those nuts up and hide them somewhere else! I get tired just watching them.

The nuts the squirrels are looking for are not always the kind of nuts you might eat – not peanuts or almonds or cashews – the squirrels are usually interested in acorns (a type of nut that comes from oak trees), and other small tree-nuts. If the squirrels do find a walnut, pecan, or other tree that has those types of delicious nuts, of course they won’t refuse any nut they can find – but generally, acorns are what they collect, store away by hiding, and then eat later.

Squirrels need the nuts for food in the winter. Each nut is like a little packed treat in a sealed container – just crack open the handy water-proof shell and the nut inside has calories and vitamins and fat all in one little package. In fact, the nut is a type of seed, and all that food inside is meant to provide the seed with food while it grows! Unless, of course, a squirrel gets it first.

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