Pepsi Grant!

This is REALLY exciting news! We’ve been approved for voting in the Pepsi Refresh Project! This means we are eligible to win funding dollars to take our online game LIVE and enable everyone to learn more about wild animals and their adventures. But we need YOU to vote for us every day!! Go to NOW and vote! You can even vote more than once each day, but it gets a little complicated.    Here’s the official explanation from Pepsi:

Each day, every registered voter gets 10 votes by accessing the website directly OR by going through Facebook. All of those 10 votes will need to be cast for 10 different projects.

In addition to those votes, every day each voter gets another 10 votes to be cast by text message 103954 to Pepsi (73774) .
All of those 10 votes must be cast for 10 different projects as well, but can be cast for one of the same projects you voted by text for.

To clarify, you get a max of 20 votes per day, and technically you could vote for the same project twice, using the different methods of voting.

So stop reading and vote!  It only takes a second.  And this one little action by you, could make a significant and lasting difference in the lives of people, wildlife, and the world we share.   Thank you!

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