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I was just walking in the forest looking for that berry bush that still had some green leaves on it.  I saw it a few days ago, but I think I got a little lost this time.  I turned a corner around a fallen tree, and I saw something that almost made me run back to my burrow and hide!  I saw a bear ghost!

Now we know sometimes members of our family, or  friends  must go away and they will never live with us again as we knew them.   It’s sad and we don’t want them to go away, but it’s all a part of how our world goes on.   But also, it’s said, sometimes if we are in trouble or lost or alone the spirit of our family and friends can come back and help us.   I don’t know if this means we will think of them and be strong and brave, or it means we will remember what they taught us, or even if it means we will see them again.  But this time, I certainly thought I saw a bear ghost!!   And I don’t remember knowing any bears that would now be a spirit ghost!

Thanks to Jackmont at Wikimedia

A Spirit Bear, not a ghost. My bad 🙂

I told the ECOVIA men about this, and they said it wasn’t a ghost, it was a Spirit Bear. These are very rare bears that only live in a part of the world that has deep forests and many lakes and streams.   The men said it is called ‘British Columbia’.   I’ve seen bears that are black.   And bears that are brown.  And rust-color bears.  I’ve even seen bears that are golden color.  But I’d never seen a Spirit Bear, and they are white!   The only dark colors are their eyes and their nose and the bottom of their feet.  It looked like a ghost to me!

But the ECOVIA men also told me these bears live in a place that other men want to build men-things in, and there are so few Spirit Bears that they might be hurt or have to find a new place to live if the men build on the bears’ home.   I don’t know why the men need to build their men-things there, and not somewhere else.  Maybe the men don’t know the Spirit Bears live there?   Everyone has their place.   If the British Columbia place is the only place for the Spirit Bears, shouldn’t they be allowed to live there and not be bothered?

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