Michonne thinks about taking a nap   Leave a comment

It’s starting to get cold.  For marmots, that means we will go underground in our burrow houses, and sleep during most of the coldtime.  We don’t sleep all the time – if it’s a particularly nice day, we come out, sit in the sun, and look for a snack – but generally we just nap and rest below ground.  Our burrow houses are warm and safe.   Before we go underground, we eat a lot of food to keep us from getting hungry later.  But when we do wake up, we are REALLY hungry!!

I’ve heard the ECOVIA men say this sleeping is called ‘hibernation’.  That’s a strange word and I think it just means sleep.   I know other animals nap during the coldtime also.  Bears, bats, squirrels, and even snakes sleep for long times.  One time I found a snake in my burrow house!   And he wasn’t even invited, how rude.   Usually everyone who ‘hibernates’ can wake up anytime we want, but some animals are such deep sleepers they won’t wake up at all until it becomes warm again!   I’ve heard of squirrels who sleep so deeply they won’t wake up even if their nest house is shaken!   But it’s important NOT to bother any animal that’s sleep hibernating.   If they wake up and there’s not enough food, they could starve.  Or if it’s really cold, they might not be able to get warm again.    So during the cold times, you might see less animals than usual.   Just remember we are around, and maybe asleep just underground!


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