Vote early, vote often (once a day is good)

Here’s some encouraging news!   Or maybe we should say ‘refreshing’ news…..

Our application to the Pepsi Refresh Project was accepted for submission!   The Pepsi project reviews applications for plans and programs that will help others – in health, communities, education, food and shelter, arts, and the environment – and decides on distributing funding dollars based upon individual votes.  So anyone can vote for any project they feel is worthwhile.   Pretty cool.

We haven’t yet been accepted for voting.   And if (when!) we are, we will probably be in the November voting period.  But it’s an achievement just to have the application submitted – they only accept 1000 applications each month, and within two minutes after the application period opened last week, 1000 applications had been submitted and the opportunity closed.   There’s a lot of people who want to help others.  🙂

We’ll keep you informed of our application status and post any links to vote or for more information.  In the meantime, remember that if we’re accepted you can vote for us every day of the month – starting (cross your fingers) November 1!


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