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Raccoons are strange characters. Yesterday two ambled through the field where I was eating some particularly good grass I found, and said they were told to journey this way by a bear. Why would a bear tell them to come here? And what’s with the masks?

I heard about raccoons that had no mother and were raised from kits by men. Well that’s nice of the men but I didn’t know men knew how to raise kits. How do they teach them to fish and climb trees? The only men I’ve seen fishing do not use their paws, they use a long stick.  How do they catch fish with a stick?  And as for climbing trees, I could do that as well as men – and I can’t climb trees at all!

But these men took care of the kits until they were adults. And then, even when they were grown, the men kept them living in the man-house. That can’t be good for the raccoons. How do they get food? Where do they climb and look for sleeping places? How do they learn to be adult raccoons, if they don’t have other raccoons to teach them?

It’s best for men not to keep adult wildlife. If they want to help when they are kits, that is very nice of the men but wildlife have to be with others of their kind in order to learn and grow. I know some wildlife stay with men for a bit – maybe they are sick or hurt and the men help them, or maybe the wildlife help the men like I do sometimes! But wildlife aren’t meant to live with men always.

I’ve heard of places where wildlife live near men and the men care for them, and other men come and see the wildlife and learn about them. I don’t know if the wildlife volunteered to be in this place, or if they were lost and the men found them, or what exactly is happening, but if it’s helping men to learn about us, and maybe help us learn about men, that’s good. But I’ve never MET any of the wildlife that have been in these places.   Have you?  Would you tell me about them?

Bye for now, wishing you warm days and sweet flowers,



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