Who or What is Ecovia??

We’re glad you asked.   ECOVIA eco-adventure ® was created to address the dis-connect many people experience between their daily world and the world of nature that surrounds us all.  If you live in a city or a suburb, an urban area or in ‘the country’, everyday you have a connection with nature….you just might not realize it.     A city park, a national forest, an empty lot, a nearby stream or lake, your backyard are all areas of nature.   Now, some of these might no longer be ‘natural’ – if you define natural as something that’s been unchanged since before man – but all are areas of nature.   In some, nature flourishes with life; others might seem vacant and dead.  And sadly some of them are, at least for now.

But that’s where you can help!    At Ecovia we provide environmental activities, resources and fun learning opportunities to help you discover and enjoy the outdoors, while encouraging positive environmental stewardship. We hope you’ll become a part of a highly-interactive online community where we’ll share educational resources, activities, access to experts and…..featuring a multi-player role playing game which will put you into the life of a wild animal!   You’ll experience life as the animal lives it, with the adventure and danger and journey that many animals must live in todays world that’s constantly changed by man.  Plus, there’s some surprises coming you don’t want to miss.   Keep checking back!


Have questions or comments? Contact us though our ‘About Us’ page!

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